Potter's Gate Charities

A public benefit 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to serve as an advocate for the most vulnerable in our society in both rural and urban communities. We offer programs and services aimed at strengthening family, community and economic development with a national and international focus. 


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Get involved in furthering the mission. Donate your time and talent by volunteering or your material resources. 

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Collaborative Circle

In an effort to fulfill the mission of the Potter's Gate Charities, our organization collaborates with Churches, visionary organizations...

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Become an Advocate for the Underprivileged

Potter's Gate Charities Incorporated has served as a national and international advocate for the most vulnerable in our nation and developing countries worldwide, including children, the elderly, the disabled, immigrants, those who live in both rural and urban communities.

Our priorities are guided by the basic belief in the inherent dignity of the human person and the responsibility of society to ensure dignity in all aspects of public policy. It is our tradition and belief that our country and the world at large, through its policies and federal and other governmental budget, must demonstrate a priority for attending to the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable persons in society.

Your organization may sponsor or partner with us to be an advovate for the underprivileged. If appropriate, consider it in your philanthropic planning or contact Potter's Gate Charities. 


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Our Mission to Reshape Lives and Create Hope for the Underprivileged is made possible by the support of our Partners and Donors.
Your donation will improve the quality of life of individuals and families in crisis, the vulnerable and the underprivileged and alleviate poverty, hunger, homelessness, abuse, neglect, substance use, disease and human suffering to maintain a stable living condition and self-sufficiency.

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